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Steve Wood is the National Service Manager at e3 Diagnostics, and a NASED board member.
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Why Having Your Equipment Calibrated Annually Matters

5/21/19 11:48 AM / by Steve Wood posted in Calibration and Service, Audiology Equipment


Having your audiology equipment calibrated yearly may seem like a chore, but it’s necessary. Every test result must be based on the most accurate signal that can be obtained. Regular calibration of your equipment ensures that the hearing level that is indicated by the audiometer complies with the strict values that are set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or the product manufacturer’s specific references for hearing thresholds.

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What to Look for from Your Calibration Company

1/3/18 9:51 AM / by Steve Wood posted in Calibration and Service


Just like cars, all calibration companies are not the same. With cars, some are prestigious, others are economical and some even park themselves. Calibration companies also have different features. Here are some things to look for from your calibration company.

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7 Tips for Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Audiology Equipment

11/2/17 4:36 PM / by Steve Wood posted in Calibration and Service

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As audiology professionals, we know the importance of proper maintenance and care of equipment. Proper upkeep will preserve your equipment for many years. This includes having certified technicians calibrate and perform routine and preventative maintenance. Here is a list of things that can be done to care for and maintain your equipment between calibrations.

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