Build Your Own Vestibular Training Curriculum with AIB

Posted by Adam Dawson on 3/8/18 5:21 PM

Looking to grow your knowledge on vestibular testing and rehabilitation, but don’t know where to start? The American Institute of Balance (AIB) has the perfect solution for you!

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The Role of Vestibular Rehabilitation in Concussion Treatment

Posted by e3 Diagnostics on 3/2/18 3:11 PM

After a concussion, many health professionals prescribe only one remedy for treating symptoms: rest. For decades, the prevailing thought within the medical industry was that rest alone is the best method for reducing and eventually eliminating the effects of a concussion.

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The Massive Business Opportunity Presented by Teleaudiology

Posted by e3 Diagnostics on 2/23/18 5:27 PM

Professional audiologists can be limited by the need for physical nexus in order to perform examinations, monitor and adjust hearing aids, or administer hearing tests. While the quality of in-person care is certainly high, physical and human resource limitations can affect how many patients can be seen, and how much profit can be made. 

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How to Convince Your Patients to Wear Hearing Aids

Posted by e3 Diagnostics on 2/15/18 1:52 PM

As a hearing aid dispenser, you work is highly important. Unfortunately, as with most professions in the medical world, sometimes you have to deliver bad news to your patients. When people come to you, they're likely aware that their hearing isn't as clear as it should be — otherwise, they wouldn't have sought your assistance in the first place. But just because somebody is fully aware things could be better, it doesn't make it any easier to hear the news: you need to wear a hearing aid.

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e3 MSR West and Audioscan to Host Verification Workshops in the Southwest

Posted by Adam Dawson on 2/14/18 10:30 AM

Next month, e3 MSR West and Audioscan are holding two Professional Verification Workshops: One in Mesa, AZ and the other in Albuquerque, NM. Topics covered will include mastering binaural real-ear measurements to save time, measuring RECD and WRECD for superior accuracy, using best practice procedures to address patient issues commonly faced by hearing professionals, and more.

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What a Person With Hearing Loss Wants From You

Posted by Shari Eberts on 2/13/18 9:15 AM

My first hearing test was scary. I was only 26, in graduate school and afraid what the results would be. I was not optimistic. Adult-onset hearing loss ran in my family – my father and grandmother both had it. I had hoped it would skip a generation, but no such luck.

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Topics: Audiometry, Business Tips

How to Protect Employee Hearing And Preserve Situational Awareness

Posted by Adam Dawson on 2/6/18 3:15 PM

When you think about hearing loss, you probably don’t think you’re in much danger at your job. But for people who work in manufacturing, construction, agriculture, the military and even the entertainment business, there is a huge risk to their hearing every day.

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Topics: Occupational Health

Enhance Your Vestibular Rehab Program With Rotational Chairs

Posted by e3 Diagnostics on 2/2/18 2:30 PM

Most therapists stick to tried and true methods when assessing patients suffering from vestibular issues. They remain unaware of the many ways using a rotational chair widens the scope of options available to help obtain a correct diagnosis, leading to the development of more effective treatment plans.

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Quick Fixes to Get the Most out of your Audiometer

Posted by e3 Diagnostics on 1/30/18 10:09 AM

Maintaining your audiology equipment is a necessity, and while we don’t recommend you start fixing all your own hardware, we do recommend that you check your equipment on a regular basis to ensure it’s running at peak performance. Here are a few things you can do to save money and extend the life of your audiometer.

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Topics: Calibration and Service

Time Saving Tips for Your Audiology Practice

Posted by Adam Dawson on 1/19/18 11:00 AM

Just like in any workplace, time is the most valuable commodity in an audiology practice. Most audiologists would do anything to have the ability to freeze time or add a few extra hours in the day. Unfortunately, the reality is there are 24 hours that you have to manage well to get the most out of them. Managing your time should never be an overwhelming task, so here are some tips to help make your days more productive.

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