Audioscan designs and manufactures the world's leading hearing aid verification equipment. Verifit is used by hearing healthcare hospitals and clinics throughout the USA, Canada and in 15 other countries. Audioscan Verifit equipment ensures patients from babies to the elderly receive the best possible hearing experience based on proven clinical results. Audiologists and hearing instrument specialists experience higher patient satisfaction, lower product return rates and fewer repeat patient fitting visits
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New Mid-Term Upgrade for Audioscan Verifit 2

3/24/20 1:22 PM / by Audioscan posted in Audiology Equipment


Audioscan has recently released a new “mid-term” upgrade for the Verifit 2. Featuring a new accessory box, test box handles, the ability to dim the brightness of the screen, and much more, this suite of new hardware and software features improves upon the most advanced hearing aid verification system on the market.

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