PlusoptiX Vision Screeners Praised by Medical Professionals

1/16/19 2:57 PM / by e3 Diagnostics posted in e3 News, Technology


Our friends at PlusoptiX have made the news this week! In a recent article published in Healio, a digital medical news journal covering all fields of medicine, author David Brottman, MD, FAAP praised the manufacturer’s vision screeners for their ability to quickly produce high-quality referrals and, in turn, help vastly improve his practice’s care for children.

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Smart Home Technology for People with Hearing Loss

11/6/18 11:19 AM / by Adam Dawson posted in Hearing Aids, Technology

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Good news! Advancements in technology have made it possible for your patients with hearing loss to optimize their homes for their condition. This means no more missing an important phone call, an in-home emergency, or a ringing doorbell because of their deafness. Smart home accessories can connect to Oticon Opn™ hearing aids to help your patients vastly improve their quality of life.

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