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Dr. Peter Phua, M.D. is the CEO of AudioNotch, a software company that allows users to create their own customized Notched Sound Therapy.
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Notched Sound Therapy: A Primer

9/13/17 10:45 AM / by Peter Phua, M.D. posted in Tinnitus

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Among audiologists, the use of newer sound therapies for tinnitus can be a controversial topic. For decades, the use of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy has been shown to be a moderately successfully approach for inducing the habituation response in tinnitus sufferers.1 Newer sound therapies, however, purport to directly lower the volume of a patient’s tinnitus tone.2 Researchers have hypothesized that sustained listening to specific sound therapies results in neuroplastic changes in the brain that can reduce tinnitus tone volume.2 In general, however, research in this space has been limited by small sample sizes and a lack of high quality randomized controlled trials.5 

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