Olivier Derei

Olivier Derei is a Sales Representative at Depisteo, LLC. Originally from France, he studied entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing strategy and IT at ESDES Lyon Business School, where he ultimately earned his Master 2 (M2) Entrepreneuriat. After studying abroad for a semester at Boise State University, he ultimately decided to return to the U.S. and complete his MBA at Alliant International University in San Diego.

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5 FAQs About the Depisteo VT1 Vision Screener Answered

7/2/20 3:10 PM / by Olivier Derei posted in Occupational Health, Vision Screening


The Depisteo VT1 is a user-friendly vision screener capable of performing a variety of examinations, including depth perception, acuity, night vision, and much more. It connects with virtually any EMR software, making it easy for you to transfer test results to your current system. 

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