Jody Vaynshtok, MS, CCC-SLP

Jody Vaynshtok, MS, CCC-SLP, co-founded Sound Speech & Hearing Clinic, a private practice in San Francisco offering speech, language, hearing and auditory processing services. jody@soundshc.com.
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Ask the Question: One simple question can help you make big marketing decisions

9/12/17 12:04 PM / by Jody Vaynshtok, MS, CCC-SLP posted in Business Tips


As a private practice owner, the day to day operations coupled with daily patient care can often make planning for the future or marketing of your business feel like an incredibly daunting task. You have to make difficult decisions regarding your time and money, including if you should increase your online presence, take out print ads in various publications, place additional funds into direct mail pieces, or block off precious time on your schedule for referral visits and/or presentations.

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