Watch the Recording of Bertec’s and 360 Neurohealth's CDP Webinar

3/24/20 12:34 PM / by Adam Dawson

Last October, 
Bertec and 360 Neurohealth conducted a free webinar on the clinical use of computerized dynamic posturography (CDP). If you couldn’t attend, you still have a chance to learn all the great information that was presentedThe webinar was recorded in its entirety and can now be viewed whenever you can find the time. 

To watch the webinar, click the button below!

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After watching this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Explain how sensory inputs into the central nervous system influence motor outputs in balance 
  • Recognize the role of CDP in identifying sensory and motor impairments that affect balance 
  • Utilize findings from CDP to design targeted treatment programs 

Webinar Curriculum:

  • A Review of the Major Components of Balance 
  • What is CDP? 
  • CDP Testing: An Abnormal Sensory Organization Test (SOT) 
  • CDP Testing: An Abnormal Motor Control Test (MCT) 
  • Transitioning Abnormal CDP Results into Quick Training on the CDP 
  • Question & Answer Session 

To watch the webinar, click the button below!

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Adam Dawson

Written by Adam Dawson

Adam Dawson is the digital marketing coordinator at e3 Diagnostics.