Update on 3M Eartip Shortage

4/20/21 1:45 PM / by Adam Dawson

3M-EartipThere is an industry-wide shortage of 3M™ E-A-RLINK™ Foam Eartips due to manufacturer production delays. As a result, we have limited supply of 3M foam insert tip products. Because of this, all orders for these items placed as of 4/16 will be put on a backorder list.

3M™ E-A-RLINK™ include:

  • RAS-420-2004 - 3M E-A-RLink™ Insert Eartips; 3A/5A, Yellow Foam, 50/Pack
  • RAS-420-2005 - 3M E-A-RLink™ Insert Eartips; 3A/5A, Yellow Foam, 750/Pack
  • RAS-420-2006 - 3M E-A-RLink™ Insert Eartips; 3B, Small, Beige Foam, 50/Pack
  • RAS-420-2007 - 3M E-A-RLink™ Insert Eartips; 3B, Small, Beige Foam, 750/Pack
  • RAS-420-2028 - 3M E-A-RLink™ Insert Eartips; ER3C/5C, Jumbo, Yellow Foam; 24/Pack
  • RAS-420-2094 - 3M E-A-RLink™ Eartips; 3A/5A, 3.5mm, 20/Pack
  • RAS-420-2095 - 3M E-A-RLink™ Eartips; 3A/5A, 4mm, 20/Pack

Orders will be fulfilled on a first comefirst serve basis. We will contact you prior to shipping to make sure you are still planning to move forward with the order. All orders placed on these items are non-refundable.  

While you wait for your order to be confirmed we are also offering a temporary solution using TDH39 or DD45 headsets for air conduction testing. We have compatible headphone cushions and disposable covers that are available for purchase if you move forward with this option. 

Disposable Covers


At this time, we are not certain when the manufacturer will be caught up on production demand. We will immediately notify you of any developments as they arise 


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Adam Dawson

Written by Adam Dawson

Adam Dawson is the digital marketing coordinator at e3 Diagnostics.