New Podcast: The Value of vHIT

10/14/21 2:43 PM / by Adam Dawson


Video head impulse testing (vHIT) is an important technique that essentially helps diagnose reduction in vestibular function in one ear against the other. Using lightweight video goggles to record eye velocity, vHIT allows healthcare professionals to quickly and objectively measure the vestibular ocular reflex (VOR) in response to common head movements people experience on a daily basis. 

In the over 20 years since its creation, vHIT technology has come a long way to help hearing and balance healthcare practitioners more easily and accurately assess specific-side vestibular function as well as improve their ability to detect covert saccades. In this episode of Listen Up, Sherman Lord, Au.D., Regional Sales Manager at e3 Midlantic Technologies Group, and Bre Meyers, AuD, PhD, Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of Audiology for the Osbourne College of Audiology at Salus University, discuss the value of adding vHIT to your vestibular test battery. 


Key topics of discussion:

  • Why vHIT is more valuable than calorics for assessing patients with vestibular deficits 
  • How vHIT can spare patients from having to go through full rotary chair testing 
  • Possibility of vHIT and caloric measurements not matching up 
  • Why vHIT isn’t a total replacement for calorics, but instead a complementary technique 
  • How vHIT can help debunk common vestiublar myths 

If you’re looking for more information on vHIT after listening to this podcast, get in touch with your local e3 office today! They would love to provide you with more information on our incredible EyeSeeCam vHIT system from interacoustics and even schedule a live demonstration. Request a consultation today! 

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Adam Dawson

Written by Adam Dawson

Adam Dawson is the digital marketing coordinator at e3 Diagnostics.