Monitoring Protocols for Cochlear Toxicity

2/13/20 9:23 AM / by Adam Dawson


Recently, our own Sherman Lord, Au.D from e3 Midlantic Technologies Group was published in Seminars in Hearing. Titled “Monitoring Protocols for Cochlear Toxicity,” the article he wrote dives deep into the tests available (both subjective and objective) for effectively monitoring hearing levels and auditory function during drug treatment.

From planning and implementation to how schedule appointments in a timely and appropriate manner to what an ideal testing environment looks like, this article covers everything you need to know about creating a successful audiologic ototoxic monitoring program (AOMP). Lord even goes into deep detail about all the necessary tests, which include:

  • Pure Tone Air Conduction Audiometry
  • Speech Audiometry
  • Pure Tone Bone Conduction Audiometry
  • Immittance Testing
  • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)
  • Auditory Brain Response (ABR)

To learn more, be sure to download and read the entire article originally published in Seminars in Hearing/Volume 40, Number 2. When you’re done reading, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Adam Dawson

Written by Adam Dawson

Adam Dawson is the digital marketing coordinator at e3 Diagnostics.