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3/24/20 1:30 PM / by Adam Dawson

BalanceBertecCourse-1Itching to learn more about balance? Bertec has published a FREE introductory course covering the science of balance, available balance technology, and the various terminologies associated with balance assessment. 

Using technology, a clinician can better isolate and differentiate motor system and sensory impairments. This helps them better build a management model that will result in greater patient motivation and targeted therapeutic solutions. 

Foundations 101 is part one of a three-part series:

  1. Balance Foundations 101 (Available now) 
  2. Balance Foundations 202 (Coming soon) 
  3. Balance Foundations In-Person Lab (Coming soon) 

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Define key balance terms 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic balance concepts 
  • Recognize the impact of balance science on the development of balance assessment technology 
  • Identify options of available balance system technology
  • Explain the role of advanced balance assessments in the holistic treatment of a patient 
  • Organize balance assessments into their appropriate categories 

Having a fundamental understanding of the science of balance and the technology available can enable you to boost patient care to new level.  

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Adam Dawson

Written by Adam Dawson

Adam Dawson is the digital marketing coordinator at e3 Diagnostics.