Grason-Stadler (GSI) is a world leader in audiometric assessment instrumentation and carries a full line of audiometers, tympanometers, otoacoustic emissions and auditory evoked potential instruments.
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Quick and Accurate Screening Options with GSI Corti and Novus

2/18/20 9:53 AM / by Grason-Stadler posted in Audiology Equipment


GSI offers solutions for your newborn hearing screening program. The GSI Corti and Novus are efficient and reliable solutions that any hearing healthcare professional can operate with ease.

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AudioStar Pro New Features!

10/8/19 9:56 AM / by Grason-Stadler posted in e3 News


The GSI AudioStar Pro is better than ever! This industry leading audiometer now comes with new features and increased speed including centering VRA, independent monitor speaker, and improved audiogram table view. The below video provides a comprehensive overview of these improvements.

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GSI Introduces Good Question! Q&A Series

9/13/18 8:10 AM / by Grason-Stadler posted in Audiology Equipment


This year, GSI found an opportunity at AAA in Nashville to make our educational content more customized to the questions that GSI users had. Questions ranged from those about operation all the way to those about very specific tests. We invited convention-goers to step up to the mic and record their good questions. The questions were then answered by the GSI audiology team.

We took these recorded questions and answers to create Good Question!

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