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David Coffin is an audiologist and Territory Manager with e3 Diagnostics and currently oversees operations in the Northern Illinois office. He earned his Master’s degree in audiology from the University of Northern Colorado in 1993 and his doctorate (Au.D.) from Salus University in 2002. Dr. Coffin has extensive experience practicing audiology in a variety of settings as well as training future generations of audiologists through his prior role teaching in a Doctor of Audiology program. His audiology passions are balance assessment and mentoring students.
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vHIT: A Comprehensive Overview

3/29/19 3:12 PM / by David Coffin, Au.D. posted in Vestibular


The video Head Impulse Test (vHIT) is a relatively new test that provides diagnostic and functional information about the vestibular system, specifically the vestibular ocular reflex (VOR.)  The vHIT has its roots in the head impulse test (HIT), during which the evaluator quickly moves the patients head from side to side as the patient fixates on a point.  The evaluator watches the patient’s eyes to verify that they remain fixated throughout the movement.  If the patient is unable to maintain fixation, catch-up saccades will be observed which are indicative of a vestibular deficit.  The challenge with the HIT is that, while it is possible to observe catch-up saccades after the head movement has stopped (called overt saccades), it is not possible to see catch-up saccades that occur during the head movement (covert saccades.) 

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